Come to Leif!

Experience a full weekend of exclusive elite data activity in the northern regions of Stockholm. Join the coolest sceners around and compete for great honour. We offer the coziest country retreat venue imaginable, combined with great socializing opportunities and a guaranteed lamer free environment.

The organizing team has a 15+ years combined experience of organizing great demoscene events, so you know you'll be in good hands. Come join us, and have a taste of Leif.

Dates: July 28-30

Venue & Tickets

The venue is located on Väddö, outside of Norrtälje, and is a small summer house. There's room for 25 people in total at the event, with up to ten people inside the building and 15 in the outside party tent. Please bring your own tents or other portable arrangements for sleeping as indoors lodging capacity is limited.

Admission is 300 SEK, payable by Swish or cash.


Public transport

Go to Enter "Älmsta busstation" as the destination. Let us know when you're arriving and we'll arrange to have you picked up there.

Other (car)

The address of the venue is Vikarsjövägen 32, Väddö.


There is competition in all walks of Leif. Specifically:

Any platform is allowed. Bring your own hardware.


Such are the rules of Leif.


Leif is unforgiving and in short supply. The following people have accepted their invitations:

  1. Klegg / Panda Design
  2. Corpsicle / iNSANE
  3. Radiant / Panda Design
  4. Velo / Approximate
  5. Fezior
  6. Moh / Fairlight
  7. Fegolhuzz / Panda Design
  8. Stinsen / Genesis Project
  9. Johey / Sys5
  10. Mindcooler / Sys5
  11. Gouafhg / The Gang
  12. Fred / The Gang
  13. Lnd
  14. Deadguy / Pacific
  15. Wasp / Pacific^Powerline
  16. Qdor / Panda Design
  17. Zoz / FEE1DEAD
  18. Alpaidus / iNSANE
  19. Tengil / FEE1DEAD
  20. Trasher / Fairlight
  21. Ekoli / Censor Design
  22. Papademos / Genesis Project^Jolt
  23. Soya / Woorlic^Odious
  24. visy / Trilobit^PWP^Bilotrip^DSS^Quadtrip^Tukka^wAMMA


Invitations are currently in the process of being handed out. Patience is a virtue in Leif.

If you did receive an invitation, please get in touch with any of us (Klegg, Corpsicle, Radiant) and let us know if you'll be coming. Attendance is limited to 25 persons.


There is Leif thanks to the following organizations:

...and of course, thanks to You.